How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

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Groundhogs, often known as woodchucks, are burrowing rodents that may trigger vital injury to gardens, lawns, and buildings. They’re identified for his or her potential to dig intensive tunnels and their voracious urge for food for vegetation. If you happen to’re coping with a groundhog drawback, it is essential to take motion to stop additional injury and defend your property. On this article, we’ll discover efficient strategies to do away with groundhogs and maintain them from returning.

Understanding Groundhogs


Earlier than we delve into the strategies of eliminating groundhogs, it is important to know their conduct and habits. Groundhogs are herbivores that primarily feed on grasses, clover, and different vegetation. They’re most energetic through the day and hibernate through the winter months. Groundhogs are wonderful diggers and create complicated burrow methods that may lengthen as much as 66 ft in size. These burrows have a number of entrances and chambers for nesting, sleeping, and storing meals.

Indicators of Groundhog Infestation

Groundhog Burrow

Figuring out the indicators of a groundhog infestation is essential in figuring out the suitable plan of action. Listed below are some widespread indicators that point out the presence of groundhogs:

  • Massive burrow entrances with freshly dug soil round them
  • Chewed vegetation and crops
  • Seen groundhog tracks
  • Injury to fences and buildings brought on by burrowing

Strategies to Get Rid of Groundhogs

1. Exclusion


Exclusion entails stopping groundhogs from accessing your property by putting in obstacles and fences. This is how one can successfully use exclusion strategies:

  • Set up a sturdy fence round your backyard or property, burying it at the least 1-2 ft deep to stop burrowing.
  • Use wire mesh with small openings to stop groundhogs from squeezing by way of.
  • Make sure the fence is at the least 3-4 ft excessive to discourage climbing.
  • Usually examine the fence for any gaps or injury and promptly restore them.

2. Repellents

Groundhog Repellents

Repellents could be an efficient solution to deter groundhogs out of your property. Listed below are some generally used repellents:

  • Industrial repellents: There are numerous industrial repellents obtainable that include components like garlic, castor oil, or predator urine. These could be sprayed across the perimeter of your property or on vegetation to discourage groundhogs.
  • Pure repellents: Some pure repellents embrace planting daffodils, marigolds, or garlic round your backyard, as groundhogs dislike the odor of those vegetation.

3. Trapping

Groundhog Trapping

Trapping could be an efficient methodology to take away groundhogs out of your property. This is entice groundhogs:

  • Select a reside entice that’s massive sufficient to accommodate a groundhog.
  • Bait the entice with recent fruits, greens, or peanut butter.
  • Place the entice close to the burrow entrance or alongside their common feeding paths.
  • Verify the entice often and launch the groundhog far-off out of your property.

4. Pure Predators

Natural Predators

Encouraging pure predators may also help management the groundhog inhabitants. Some widespread groundhog predators embrace:

  • Home canines: Permitting your canine to roam the yard can deter groundhogs.
  • Owls and hawks: Putting in perches or nesting bins can entice these birds of prey, which feed on groundhogs.
  • Snakes: Making a snake-friendly setting may also help maintain groundhogs away, as they’re pure predators of groundhogs.

Stopping Groundhog Return

Groundhog Prevention

Upon getting efficiently eliminated groundhogs out of your property, it is essential to take preventive measures to keep away from their return. Listed below are some steps you’ll be able to take:

  • Usually examine your property for any indicators of groundhog exercise.
  • Fill in any burrow entrances or holes to discourage re-entry.
  • Take away any potential meals sources, equivalent to fallen fruits or greens.
  • Keep a well-trimmed garden and take away extra vegetation.


Coping with groundhog infestations could be difficult, however with the correct strategies, you’ll be able to successfully do away with them and stop their return. Whether or not by way of exclusion, repellents, trapping, or encouraging pure predators, it is essential to take motion promptly to guard your property. By understanding groundhog conduct and implementing preventive measures, you’ll be able to preserve a groundhog-free setting and protect the integrity of your backyard and buildings.


Q: Are groundhogs harmful?

A: Groundhogs are usually not sometimes harmful to people, however they’ll trigger vital injury to property and gardens. They’re identified for his or her digging talents and might undermine foundations, walkways, and different buildings.

Q: Can groundhogs transmit ailments?

A: Whereas groundhogs are usually not identified to transmit ailments to people, they’ll carry parasites equivalent to fleas and ticks. It is essential to take precautions when dealing with groundhogs or their burrows.


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